Ice Fishing for Bass 101

Bass may be the most popular game fish in America, but few anglers fish for them through the ice. Since bass grow lethargic in the fall when water temperatures drop, most anglers assume bass only grow more disinterested after the ice forms. What they f…

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A different source for tying materials

Make friends with a taxidermist.  One of my crappie-fishing friends is a taxidermist who has a shop in town where I stop from time to time to talk fishing.  I told him I was looking for different types of materials with which I could tie flies; he has put aside scraps and parts for me to pick through when I stop in to visit.


He gave some wildebeest hide with long black hair that is fairly stiff but still supple enough to use on streamers. 


And some antelope hide with some very soft tan hair that is hollow at the thicker base but solid at the ends that works well as collars on the micro-jigs I tie for Shell Crackers (Red Ears).


He has offered, and I have taken a host of other furs, hairs and a few feathers that are not on your standard list of fly-tying materials.  I substitute these for materials I do not have and use them to tie jigs of my own creation for the bluegills, crappie and occasional bass.

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