Fly Fishing for Panfish

Fly fishing for panfish with a foam popper. Fish caught were a red breast sunfish, green sunfish and two rock bass. Please comment to ask questions. Thanks for watching!
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One Jacked Up Looking Foam Frog! DNA screwed the pooch on this on

Well I went grocery shopping after work which I really hate doing but that is another story.  I ran across some sheets of foam that was on sale for a dime so I pick up a few sheets.  They only had just a few and I pick up green, white, black, and orange.  Before I purchased my vise back in March I watched videos after videos on You Tube and other places and I remember seeing a fellow Texan named William B. Tedrick.  I watched a lot of his videos and I really liked what he had put out there to see.  Seem like a real nice fellow to me and maybe one day our paths might cross.


Anyway I tied my first foam fly and I must say it is the funniest looking thing I have ever seen!  It is suppose to be a popper made out of foam to resemble a frog.  I put some spots on him, colored his mouth red, and even put some small eyes on his head.  I hit the eyes with my Silver Creek UV Resin which really made the eyes pop out!


Hey like I have said I am just having fun learning something new.  He sure looks pathetic to me!  Looks deformed but who knows he might do the trick on a big ole bass…LOL 

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