Bass Fishing From Shore 101

#BassFishing from shore is nothing new to me! In fact, that is where most of my learning and experimenting took place. Whether it's a local pond, river, reservoir or large inland lake you can find Bass.

Being adventurous and constantly on the move is essential to success. However, knowing the right time to be out there is key too. SMB, for example will be present at a casting distance provided the temperature of the water is cool enough. If I was shore fishing 5 feet of water in the middle of the summer, with out weeds present, then that would be a waste of time, in my opinion! Now, if this shoreline is riddled with weeds and stumps I would be there with bells on, fishing for #LargemouthBass. A fast sloping shore line with somewhat deep water would hold better numbers of #SmallmouthBass would it not? That is a characteristic I would look for from a boat, so why would it be any different from shore!

A good shore Bass angler will know full well that evenings and early mornings are the best times for success. The middle of the day would be okay if an angler had access to stump or weed 'infested' bays or shorelines. This type of terrain is easily accessible in an old quarry or trout farm. If you take the time to look for such gems, they can be found. You will find that when catch and release is practiced land owners will allow the Bass anglers to fish their ponds. Be honest and up front with them and you will have your gem!

You can also have success from shore in most large inland lakes. Maps will aid you in finding accessible bays or drop offs. Rivers entering the large lakes will hold both Bass species as well, especially if it is slow moving, deep and full of weed growth. Adventuring along the river's edge is rewarding to the anglers that know what to look for. It can be paradise!

Reservoirs too are a Bass anglers dream! Being fortunate enough to have grown up just a bike ride away from the nearest reservoir was heaven for me. That is where I have some of my fondest memories.

Ontario is blessed with many reservoirs and most are just a short drive away. Be prepared to travel on foot for your Bass. Good things come to shore anglers who explore!

By: Nic Di Gravio

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