Fly Lines Leaders Tippets

There are different types of fly lines and their ratings can be confusing. Whereas most regular freshwater and saltwater anglers pick between fluorocarbon or monofilament that is rated in pounds breaking strength, fly lines are rated by "weight," for example, 6 weight. This number does not refer to breaking strength at all. It refers to the weight of the first 30 feet of line, in grains. Grains is a traditional measurement of weight, based on what an average grain of wheat weighs.


Fly Fishing Rods

Fly Rods come in all different sizes depending on the type of fish you are after as well as the tactics you plan to deploy. Trout pose a reel problem when it comes to picking out the perfect fly rod, as they come in all sizes, and can be fished with many different tactics. So, unfortunately there is not one best fly rod for trout that will be superb for all trout situations. Fly rods weights are classified from the newer ultra-light '0' weight to powerful broom stick '14' weights. The best weight to choose depends on 4 factors: fly type, cast length, fishing location, and fish size. Choosing the perfect fly rod is not a simple decision. There are numerous brands, sizes and styles to choose form.


Nautilus Fly Reels

We welcome our newest addition of fly reels, the Nautilus family. The multiple award winning dual action fly reels and drag system features twice the drag strength of most fly reels. Nautilus fly reels have twice the smoothness and half the startup inertia as the leading competitors.

The Nautilus fly reels are made-for-fish fighting, big game handle and are fully sealed using proprietary Activseal technology. Other components included in Nautilus fly reels are hybrid ceramic bearings, TPX bushings and an oversized drag knob to adjust the smoothest drag from zero to max in 6 full turns with the Infinajust system.


Loop Fly Reels

Greetings Fly Fishing Anglers! Fly Fishing season is upon us and today is the time period to purchase a new Loop Fly Reel. Down below are Loop Fly Reel(s) that we located on the internet that could be just what you are researching for.


Fly Fishing The Butternut Creek

butternut creek

Butternut Creek village of Garrattsville, NY Spring of 2014

There are at least two trout streams in New York named the #ButternutCreek. The Butternut Creek #TeamFieldNWater fly fish's is located in Otsego County. Its head waters begin in in the town of Burlington just north of State Highway 80.

Growing up around this creek most of our life and catching our share of #trout we're still on the fence about this creek. It was one of our favorite creeks until the New York DEC pulled the plug on restocking it, but for good reason. We believe 2011 was the last year the creek was stocked with brown trout. That was the year the #NYDEC discovered that native brook trout were thriving in a low land creek that shouldn’t support the species. They learned this by doing four samples along the creek in 2011. Along with some browns, brookies filled their nets. At that time it was decided by the state to pull the plug on #restocking brown trout which would be a competing factor against the native brook trout.