Emerger Swap

My next swap is going to be for Emerger patterns. These can be effective for both Bluegill and Trout. All the regular rules apply. Be sure to include a Self-Addressed STAMPED Envelope. No matter how many times I say it, people still send return envelopes with the metered mailing label instead of POSTAGE STAMPS! The metered mailing label has  DATE on it and it is good ONLY FOR THE DAY YOU BUY IT. After that, it has EXPIRED! Please use regular POSTAGE STAMPS. Otherwise, you are wasting both your money and mine. There will be ONLY 12 swappers in this swap and the due date will be May 31. If anyone is late and fails to reply after I send 2 personal messages after the due date, they will be dropped and I will send the extra fly back to the swappers. So, who wants in?


1. Breambuster – Hendrickson Emerger


2. DavidR – Olive Emerger


3. Joseph Russell – TBD


4. Netabrookie – TBD


5. Fishingbobnelson – TBD















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