Thug Has No Race and Neither Do Turkeys

turkey thug

During the recent Baltimore protests those who used the word "Thug" or "Thugs" to describe looters and rioters where considered racist. This according to some of the main stream media reporting.
The picture above shows the chair #TeamFieldNWater sits in during every spring #turkeyseason. We put the fear in wild turkeys. We invade their homes. disrupt their lives. When one steps out in front of us, we open fire with live rounds. So yes you can call us a thug and we will take no offense to it. We are what you call a Turkey Thug.

Inflatable Turkey Decoys- Do They Really Work?

#Turkeyhunting season is upon us and if you want to go lightweight into the woods this season, an inflatable #turkeydecoy maybe the way to go. A turkey hunter has enough to carry into the woods, so why carry bulky decoys? With advance technology in printing these decoys looks very realistic and have photo-realistic images printed on outdoors-durable material. Which makes them even be more realistic then traditional turkey decoys. These decoys are ultra portable, very realistic and supremely effective. They inflate fast. Look like real wild turkeys. Most inflatable turkey decoys only require a small amount of air to inflate.