Crossbows Are On The Rise

Crossbow hunting across North America is quickly growing in popularity due to changes in the laws in most states and provinces. Until recently, crossbow hunting was mostly restricted to those with verified disabilities that prevented them from drawing a compound or longbow back which takes strength. Typically, crossbow hunting is allowed wherever bow hunting is permitted, but in some instances it is restricted to rifle hunting regions like New York plans to do in 2011. The reason for this is the speed of the arrow coming off a crossbow, typically much faster the a compound bow. Crossbow hunting offers several advantages to the bowhunter. First a crossbow is an incredibly accurate weapon. Most archery hunters will find that their marksmanship improves greatly with one, meaning more kill successful shots. This is one factor for legalizing crossbow use across America. Crossbow hunting is a more humane way to hunt since fewer animals are injured without being killed quickly. Coupled with the blazing speed, they are indeed deadly. Secondly, crossbows are lighter than compound bows. Finally, being smaller, they offer a lower profile, making it easier to remain concealed when crossbow hunting from a blind on the ground or in a tree stand. Crossbows can also be used to hunt turkeys, bear, wild boar, elk or caribou, varmints like coyotes, and are even used in lake or river settings to hunt carp which is another form of bowfishing. They deliver their arrows on target at great speed, and have a range that is slightly better than the range of typical hunting bows. Crossbow hunting from 40-50 yards is about the maximum distance one should consider. Many of the manufacturers of compound bows have gotten into making crossbows also. You'll find high quality crossbows from Horton, Barnett, Parker, TenPoint, Excalibur, and others. Most are finished in camouflage colors for stealth crossbow hunting, and they can be equipped with a scope for greater aiming abilities, especially when the target is 30-50 yards away. Most states require that you take a safety course on using crossbows and addition tags much be purchased if you plan to shoot crossbow.
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