It is required by the city of New York that any and all individuals, who would like access to water shed property for the purpose of fishing, to obtain a

If you plan on fishing NYC reservoirs this means you. New York city owns thousands of acres of land throughout the lower Hudson valley and Catskill region of NY. Follow along in this video as we show you how to get it done.


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Your Field N Water Outdoor Tips for the day are:
  • Use a medium-action 6 1/2- to 7 -foot rod when crankbait fishing for bass. Softer rods will allow the bass to inhale the lure, resulting in more hooked fish and longer rods allow longer casts and better hooksets. For best lure action and speed, use a reel with a gear ratio of 4:1 to 5:1.
  • Tandem blade spinnerbaits often work good in murky water or when bass fishing grass or thick cover. For more flash, use tandem blades. In visibility of 2 feet or more, use a 1/4 ounce bait with tandem willowleaf blades.
  • Bass Jigs are one of the most productive baits today, especially in water clarities from slightly murky to clear, in water temperatures below the sixty degree mark and when bass are in an inactive mood and buried in deep cover.

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