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Ultralight Spinning Reel Rod Combo Daiwa Mini System Hard Carry Case Minispin,Daiwa 10 CERTATE Hi Gear Custom 3012 H Spinning Reel,Daiwa 13 CERTATE 3012 spinning reel from JAPAN,Daiwa CF500 3Bi Crossfire 3Bi Spinning Reel,Daiwa RG4000BRi Regal Bite Run Saltwater Spinning Reel 4000,Daiwa SF2500 B Stikeforce B Spinning Reel 2500,Daiwa SW3000 2B Sweepfire 2B Spinning Reel Medium 3000,Daiwa EXC3500HA Exceler Spinning Reel 3500,Daiwa SW1500 2B Sweepfire 2B Spinning Reel Light,Daiwa D SPIN500 B D Spin Ultralight Spinning Reel 500,Daiwa OP5500BRi Opus Bri Bite N Run Spinning Reel 5500,Daiwa 13 CERTATE 2500 spinning reel from JAPAN,Daiwa SW3550RA Sweepfire RA Spinning Reel Medium Heavy,Daiwa EXC2000HA Exceler Spinning Reel 2000,Daiwa SF2000 B Stikeforce B Spinning Reel 2000,Daiwa 13 CERTATE 1003 spinning reel from JAPAN,Daiwa 13 CERTATE 2510R PE spinning reel from JAPAN,Daiwa 13 CERTATE 2506H spinning reel from JAPAN,Daiwa EXC4000HA Exceler Spinning Reel 4000,Daiwa OP4500BRi Opus Bri Bite N Run Spinning Reel 4500,Daiwa SF1000 B Stikeforce B Spinning Reel 1000,Daiwa OP4500 Opus Heavy Spinning Reel 4500,Daiwa LAG3000 5Bi Laguna 5BI Spinning Reel 3000,Daiwa LEXA2000SH Lexa Spinning Reel 2000,Daiwa 10 CERTATE Hi Gear Custom 2506 H Spinning Reel,

Your Field N Water Outdoor Tips for the day are:
  • Use fluorescent colors in crankbaits when bass fishing. A popular combination chartreuse/black spots/orange belly in stained water or on cloudy days. Red works well around grass beds in clear and stained water.
  • Crankbaits work best as a contact lure when bass fishing. Bump them against the bottom, crash them off of stumps, etc. This will cause the bait to stop and then dart erratically, causing a reaction strike. This technique drives bass crazy.
  • Flies are used to imitate natural food items. There are many types of flies such as nymphs, wet flies, dry flies and streamers. Dry flies are used to resemble insects like grasshoppers, dragonflies, etc. Wet flies, also known as streamers, are generally used to resemble minnows or leeches.

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