Fly Fishing Using a Spinning Rod

Fly Fishing with a Spinning Rod

Smallmouth bass caught while Fly Fishing with a Spinning Rod in 2006

Is fly fishing using a spinning rod a hoax? Why would anyone fish with flies while using a spinning rod? Isn't that what fly rods and fly reels are for?  Is it cheating for one to use a spinning rod and reel combo to fish with flies?  Don’t traditional fly fishing anglers despise people who go against the tradition of using a real fly rod and fly reel? If you think about it fly fishing using a spinning rod, is kind of stupid and defeats the purpose of real fly fishing.

These are just some of the questions and or arguments that get brought up when one angler talks to another angler about fly fishing using a spinning rod. The bottom line is there is no right or wrong answer and you would be very surprised at just how many anglers actually tie on flies to their spinning rod and reel combo.

When man started to fish with flies to catch fish back around the ninth century the fly rod set up we know of today were nonexistent. A cane pole with some type of string line attached, which most likely was horse hair is all you got to use while fishing. The first fishing reel invented in America was back in the 1800’s and was of a bait casting design. It was later on that the same reel served as fly reel for those who pursued fly fishing.

When the human race began to fish for recreation and not for survival, rods were not classified as to what it was to be used for. Some used bait and some used flies and it wasn't until the 19th century when the world of fly fishing as we know it today began to shape in leaps and bounds. Until then the same rod was used and there was never a discussion among fisherman what could and couldn't be used for fishing while using the same rod.

So why fly fishing using a spinning rod? Because everything that one can do with a fly rod can be done using a spinning and or bait casting rod and reel. However to tell you the truth this is not news or some new gimmick but has been going on for years. Anglers all over the United States are fly fishing using a spinning rod, but you wouldn't know it because most keep under the radar while cleaning house at their favorite fishing hole.

However versatility is probably the number one reason why fly fishing using a spinning rod is becoming so popular amongst spinning rod anglers. You may start off the day casting spinner baits into the current of your favorite trout stream, to only realize the trout are only feeding on top water flies. With a few quick modifications to the fishing line you would be in business. If and when the fly bite ends, as the sun raises high in the sky during the day, and the trout go into deeper pools, you can easily switch back to your favorite bottom bait.

The most common denominator between actual fly fishing and someone  fly fishing using a spinning rod is fly presentation, casting ability and knowing the hatch. A good angler fly fishing using a spinning rod angler must have common knowledge of basic fly fishing techniques and methods when it comes to leader length and size, fly size, presentation, drifting techniques, matching the hatch, fly tying knots, the use of strike indicators and keeping your dry flies on top of the surface.

This article only gives a few reasons on why someone would fly fish using a spinning rod over traditional fly fishing. There is just way too much to cover that would fit into one article. There will be many articles on this site over time that will go into detail along with advance tactics pertaining to spin fly fishing.

If your going to be casting flies on a spinning rod the your going to need a casting bubble specifically designed for spinning rod fly fishing.

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