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Fly Rods come in all different sizes depending on the type of fish you are after as well as the tactics you plan to deploy. Trout pose a reel problem when it comes to picking out the perfect fly rod, as they come in all sizes, and can be fished with many different tactics. So, unfortunately there is not one best fly rod for trout that will be superb for all trout situations. Fly rods weights are classified from the newer ultra-light '0' weight to powerful broom stick '14' weights. The best weight to choose depends on 4 factors: fly type, cast length, fishing location, and fish size. Choosing the perfect fly rod is not a simple decision. There are numerous brands, sizes and styles to choose form.

We have many Fly Rods to choose from. Please refine your search with our Fly Rods search engine, specifically to find the right Fly Rods that fits your needs.

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