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    The first half of our duck season is behind us which closed last Sunday the 18th. Total birds in the freezer 2 mallards and 3 wood ducks. We suck at shooting not to mention the other 2 birds we couldn’t recover which blew my mind. We hunted the river for the first two days but temps reached into the 70’s both days. But on the first night we hunted up in Herkimer County on a big DEC marsh off of Route 20. The third day we said screw it and went fishing. On the last day of the season it was snowing and cold as a bitch. There was still plenty of ducks flying but calling to them and decoying them in was another story. The morning hunt of the 18th was on a big lake in the northern part of the county. Smack dab in the middle of the flyway with lots and lots of cut corn and oats surrounding the area. That night Wyatt went alone back to the river where he connected on those mallards. A drake and hen. He loves using the 10 gauge and can hit 99.9% of the clay birds we were shooting at a few weeks ago but he misses a lot of ducks. I ended up with putting a fiber optic on the camo 12 gauge to help me out. But I’m blind anyway so it didn’t help much.

    This weekend was our regular goose opener. Wyatt went both days but I had commitments with the kids to go pumpkin hunting on Saturday and yesterday I had to deliver a deer head to a relative. I don’t think there would have been room for me in the boat anyhow since he took all of the goose decoys, both the floaters and shells. He hunted the big lake north and seen thousands of geese all day long. But he soon found out they are hard to hit too and can dodge the damn shot. Geese win, Wyatt loose on day one. He said ducks were everywhere and were landing into his spread which was on part water and part dry shore. He did have his duck calls and played with them all day which was fun he said. Just couldn’t shoot any, lol.

    Yesterday morning I thought the kid would sleep since the rain was coming down pretty good by 3 am. Nope, he was out of the house by 4:30 am. He went back to the same lake with all of the decoys. The wind was howling with white caps on the surface and he said it was very scary went he headed across the lake in the pitch dark to set up on the other side. He said the geese cooperated all morning even though he could hear what sounded like a war zone in those fields that surrounded the area. By noon he got his limit of 3 geese. I do believe that is the first time he ever shot a goose.

    FNW Staff

    The second half of our duck season opens up this Saturday and I’m a bit concerned as waterfowl sightings in the area have dropped off considerably since the first half.


    Need cold weather up in Canada to push them out, guys hunting the lake fire only two or three shot all morning.

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