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    a) The method of taking wild birds and wild quadrupeds by hunting shall be restricted to firearms,
    high velocity air guns using a single ball or pellet type projectile, and compound, long or recurved
    bow, or crossbow. In designated areas, by special permit, the commissioner may allow the use of
    modified versions of air guns or archery implements to achieve wildlife management objectives. No
    arrow or projectile which is coated with or contains any drugs, poison or known tranquilizing
    substance may be used or possessed while engaged in archery hunting.
    (b) Any crossbow and bolt combination to be used for hunting shall meet the following
    specifications: (1) The draw weight of the crossbow shall be not less than 125 pounds; (2) The
    crossbow shall have a permanent fixed rifle type stock, and a functional and/or fully operational
    mechanical safety device; (3) The bolt (arrow) length shall be not less than eighteen inches,
    excluding the broadhead; and (4) The broad head shall have two or more blades with a width not less
    than seven-eighths of an inch at the widest point. In addition, any crossbow in a drawn and cocked
    position with a bolt loaded in the crossbow shall be considered a loaded weapon

    FNW Staff

    Might be something for you to look into


    I was thinking about it, but spending $1000 for one and the gear to go with it really isn’t in the cards right now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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