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    Here we go again…….

    I just received the following from Scott Gardner, admin at Fishing CT

    “My Government Affairs Director alerted me this morning to the fact that the Governor is proposing to close all of the hatcheries. I have confirmed that fact and can report that among the $213 M in additional budget cuts (beyond the $100 M he has already cut) he has proposed in his negotiations with the legislature, he is proposing to save $1.1M by closing all of the hatcheries and laying off all hatchery personnel. See Page 9 of the attached document which was recently released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. We will need to resurrect our lobbying effort, and I would ask that everyone with contacts in the General Assembly contact their legislators. This is a serious and obviously unexpected turn of events. I will be speaking with the Kensington Hatchery Committee to come up with a strategy, and I will keep you all posted. Go to http://www.fishingnortheast.net/connecticut/ then go to the Connecticut Conservation and Awareness section on that page and you will see the link for Connecticut State Representatives. Please take two minutes out of your day and contact anybody and everybody that you can to speak your mind. You can also reach out to Malloy and his office at this link http://portal.ct.gov/governor/. If this happens then we all know what happens to fishing in this state. You think it is bad now? Just wait and see what this will do.”

    Unfortunately, this issue will continue to come up until the hatcheries get the ax. It makes no difference that the $1.1mil. generates far more in revenue for the state. From a political perspective, there is very little opposition to this cut compared to more costly and wasteful expenditures with well organized and funded lobbies. Bass Pro could probably put and end to this by simply threatening to close the doors of the Cabelas store after they take over next year. That would cost the state more than $1.1m in lost revenue. I’ll write my letters and send e-mails to legislators, but if the hatcheries are closed, the majority of the apathetic anglers should STFU because it will be too damn late

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