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    Sounds good. You might have to modify the seat a bit or replace it with a good one.Is it a sit in or on top? How is it stable wise? Did you feel you were going to roll it?



    Pretty stable after you get use to it, another guy who bought one said it took some doing to flip it over and then very hard to get back in.  Don’t want to go over as it cost $80.00 for a new recharge kit for my life preserver.  Still had wind today but managed to row a couple of miles all the way down the bay to toss a chatter bait around, I had a few light hits then a ladyfish hit the lure and went airborne a couple of times before throwing to hook.  A few more light hits and I switched over to a live shrimp on a 1/0 hook.  I caught some big trout today and they fought like hell, got a few pictures but hard to take them and hold rod at the same time.


    FNW Staff

    Good deal, nice fish

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)

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