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    Doctors suck, fishing is better



    Out this morning before the sun came up, tide was a bit too high for redfish but I may have hooked one or rather didn’t hook it, for whatever reason I never set the hook and the fish was gone after pulling 20 yards of line off the spool.  Lots of bait stealers this morning but still managed to catch a half dozen trout, plus caught my second snook since moving to FL, it grabbed a Berkley gulp bait when I was reeling my jig in, I put the rod between my legs while I got the camera out and when I went to lift the fish for a picture the hook pulled out.  May do some wade fishing Sunday I'[m not sure yet but will be back out with the kayak for sure again on Monday.



    Sundays wade fishing was kind of a bust, only catching croakers, pinfish and small snappers until the tide was almost high, then I caught three small trout before running out of bait.  This morning it was still dark when I got to launch spot and loaded my gear in the kayak.  I was paddling out when I saw movement on the surface which turned out to be a school of mullet, they made a right turn away from me so I paddled out some more and here comes another school.  Redfish follow the mullet to pick up whatever they scare up off the bottom, this school came close so I tossed a live shrimp into it and in seconds a 26 inch redfish picked it up and took off pulling drag.  Had a real good fight but it wore the fish out so in a few minutes I’m going to eat it for lunch.  Redfish all over the place but they were too far for me to get to or I ended up spooking them away.  Started drifting for trout and caught only one within 5 minutes of starting, legal fish at 16 inches but I released it quick.  Doctors tomorrow and Wednesday, hope to get out again Thursday.



Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)

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