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    Western District

    Homeowner kills black bear
    On January 4, 2012 EnCon Police Sergeants Keith Schneider, Cindy Schneider and Officer Erin Crossman responded to a call received from the Windsor Police Department involving a homeowner who shot and killed a black bear. The subject had reported the bear to the Windsor Police and while the Windsor Animal Control Officer was attempting to haze the bear to move it from the area the subject shot the bear with a rifle. EnCon officers arrived at the scene, found a dead black bear and observed another bear, which appeared to be approximately one-year old, roaming in the area. The dead bear was 5-6 years old, weighed approximately 250 lbs. and was allegedly shot while it was in a tree on homeowners property. The bear had apparently caused damage to subject’s bird feeder. The juvenile bear was tranquilized by DEEP Wildlife biologists and relocated.
    The subject was charged with illegally killing a black bear and Negligent hunting in the fourth degree.

    Illegal Waterfowl Hunting
    On January 7, 2012 EnCon Police Officer John Hey was on patrol of the Quinnipiac Marsh in North Haven next to the Tilcon Plant. Officer Hey observed two vehicles parked at the boat launch area, one of which had a boat trailer attached to it. The inland duck season had ended on January 5, 2012 and Officer Hey believed that the individuals were hunting ducks and or geese. The 2011-12 goose season was still open for this area. Officer Hey heard several gun shots from the area but did not see any geese flying.
    Officer Hey continued his surveillance and observed a boat returning to the ramp with three individuals in it. When the boat landed, Officer Hey approached and asked what they had shot and they stated they had shot a black duck, a merganser and one goose. When advised, all three of the subjects stated that they did not realize that the duck season had ended. All three were arrested for hunting ducks during the closed season.

    Public Safety Assist
    On January 21, 2012 a fast moving snowstorm struck western Connecticut causing numerous disabled motor vehicles and accidents. EnCon Police officers assigned to the Western District assisted the State Police on I-84 and a number of secondary roads at six motor vehicle accidents as well as checking disabled vehicles for occupant safety and obtaining necessary repair and tow services.

    Marine District

    Hammonasset Beach State Park

    Warm weather found many residents visiting our largest shoreline park, with increased EnCon Police activity. For the second time within a month, a motor vehicle collided with the closed entrance gates prior to opening on the morning of January 21st, but little evidence was available for follow-up by EnCon officers. Officer Stanko responded to an incident between two dog owners, resulting in one citation for failure to leash a pet; officers issued eleven (11) other warnings for pets off leash throughout the month. Citations and warnings for several motor vehicle and trespassing violations were also issued, and officers found and returned a purse and an electronic tablet to their owners.

    Waterfowl hunting

    Central Marine officers, in conjunction with Guilford police, investigated several complaints of waterfowl hunters trespassing and hunting too close to residences early in the month, resulting in two warnings. A check of two duck hunters by Officer Monday in Westbrook on January 18th found no wearable lifejackets, an unregistered vessel and unregistered trailer, and several other issues – citations were issued for the violations. A check of two boaters on Lake Quonnipaug, Guilford by Officer Stanko on January 6th resulted in a citation for insufficient lifejackets.

    Public Safety assist

    Officers Reilly and Ruggiero responded to Haddam to assist State Police Troop F with a distraught eighteen year old male with numerous protective orders, who threatened a friend’s mother and isolated himself in a building. When troopers entered to speak with the male, he fled the building and ran into adjacent woods but was quickly detained by the EnCon officers. State Police escorted the individual to a medical facility for observation.

    Commercial fishing

    On January 31, 2012 Officer Reilly responded to a Connecticut River marina in Old Saybrook and freed a loon stuck in a recently set gill net. Within hours the loon became caught a second time and concerned citizens again called EnCon Police. Officer Monday responded, and with assistance from Officer Bouthillier, secured the loon and transported it to a rehabilitator. The owner of the net was eventually located and was warned for failure to number his gill net.

    Commercial Shellfishing

    On January 23, 2012 DEEP EnCon Police Officer Vroman was on patrol at the State owned Barn Island Boat Launch in the Town of Stonington when he observed two males harvesting shellfish in an area which was closed for this activity. Officer Vroman was met at the area by EnCon Officer Tavares and they determined that the suspects were in Rhode Island waters. Officer Tavares called for a Rhode Island DEM Environmental Police Officer who responded and observed the individuals from the RI side of Little Narragansett Bay. The suspects left the area and were met at the Westerly, RI DEM Boat Launch where they were placed under arrest for harvesting shellfish from polluted waters. One of the suspects had been arrested in Rhode Island on the same charge previously which then makes the second offense a felony. The DEM Officers seized the suspects’ boat, trailer, and two totes of soft shell clams.

    Eastern District

    On January 9th, 2012 Officer Lindo was working the Northeast Sector when he received a complaint from D.E.E.P. dispatch of a man in full camouflage hunting with a rifle in the Town of East Windsor. Upon arrival to the area Officer Lindo found a vehicle fitting the description he had been given and upon further investigation found the suspect attempting to hide in the woods. Initially the suspect was non-compliant but then followed the orders of Officer Lindo and came out of the woods. Officer Lindo found the suspects rifle where he had been in hiding. He was charged with hunting deer during the closed season, hunting deer during closed hours, hunting deer without consent of the landowner, hunting deer without permit, hunting deer with a rifle without wearing required orange clothing, and hunting without a license. The suspect was issued a summons to appear in court at a later date and had a $500.00 bond placed on him.
    CT Dept of Energy & Environmental Protection
    Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police

    Captain Raul Cam

    FNW Staff

    I get a bi-weekly paper that has all of NY hunting and fishing news in it and our DEC stories are just as crazy.

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