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    January Highlights

    CT EnCon Police West District Highlights
    January 2016


    On January 2, 2016 at approximately 0900 hours, Officer DeFelice was conducting waterfowl hunting enforcement at Bloomfield Flood Control Area #1. He observed four individuals exit the parking area and walk into the hunting fields dressed in fluorescent orange clothing, carrying shotguns and with three Beagle type dogs. It was apparent by the manner of clothing and style of hunting that these four individuals were not waterfowl hunting, but were most likely rabbit hunting. The four rabbit hunters were observed as they worked their hunting dogs directly through the decoy spread and hunting location of an individual who was actively hunting Canada geese. The rabbit hunters continued past the goose hunter giving no apparent regard for hunting safety and proceeding towards an area within 500′ of residential homes. Three of the 4 hunters were in a clearing outside the 500′ buffer zone. The fourth hunter was located in the wood line, with a loaded firearm and 320′ from Laurel Elementary School. The hunter was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Firearms Hunting within 500 feet of a Building, 26-66- l(d).


    On January 9, at approximately 1200 hours, Officers Johnston, O’Brian, Hage, and Sergeant Buckley,responded to a report of a vehicle in the water at Lake Lillinoah State Boat Launch. Connecticut State Police, Bridgewater Police, Brookfield Police, New Milford Police, Bridgewater Fire Department, and Brookfield Fire Department also responded. The vehicle was first witnessed floating in the water 20 yards straight out from the west boat ramp. Witnesses stated that the vehicle floated in the water for 5 to 15 minutes before it fully sunk. Witnesses also stated that they heard no sound from the vehicle and saw no movement as the vehicle sank. Brookfield PD Dive Team, New Milford PD Dive Team, and Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue NUSAR Divers all participated in the recovery. Recovery divers from the Bridgewater dive team were deployed for the rescue, which were hampered by the extremely cold water temperatures. The vehicle was found resting on its roof with the windows sealed and the doors locked except for the back window which had been shattered. The vehicle was retrieved at approximately 1330 hours with a female victim seat belted in the driver’s seat. The victim was immediately extracted from the vehicle and transported to Danbury Hospital. The 46 year old victim from New Milford was pronounced deceased at Danbury Hospital at 1600 hours.

    CT EnCon Police Marine District Highlights
    K-9 Rescue

    On January 4, 2016 Waterford Police Department issued a broadcast to area police departments requesting a canine to search for a despondent missing fourteen year old child. Officer Logiodice and K-9 partner, Ruger happened to be in the area and quickly responded to the request. Officers on scene advised that the missing child was gone for approximately one hour and was not dressed for the elements. The temperatures were below freezing and due to drop into the single digits later that evening. Officer Logiodice and Ruger began a track from the back of the residence into a heavily wooded area. The team tracked for approximately one hundred yards and found the missing child hiding near some boulders in the woods. The child was unharmed and reunited with his family.

    Waterfowl Enforcement Operation

    On two separate Saturdays in January, officers from the district worked with US Fish and Wildlife officers conducting waterfowl enforcement along the coast. During the enforcement initiative officers conducted patrols on land and by vessel. They conducted patrols in Barn Island WMA, Pattagansett Marsh,Thames River, Charles Wheeler WMA and the Norwalk Islands. US Fish and Wildlife officers issued two warnings for federal duck stamp violations, two tickets for HIP violations and five tickets for federal duck stamp violations. State EnCon officers issued the following:
    1written warning for no HIP, 1infraction for no HIP, 4 verbal warnings for trespassing,4 verbal warnings for failure to carry a license or not having a license, 1infraction for hunting without a license and 1infraction for trespassing and 3 infractions for state migratory bird stamp violations.

    Seafood Dealer Inspections

    During the last week of December and beginning of January officers in the district conducted Seafood dealer inspections. Local Seafood dealers were inspected to make sure they are in compliance with state shellfish and fisheries regulations.
    Dealers are required to be licensed if purchasing seafood from local commercial fisherman. Overall compliance with fisheries regulations was observed during these inspections.

    Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident

    On the evening of Tuesday January 12, 2016,State EnCon Police received a report of a vehicle in the water at Bigelow Pond, inside Bigelow Hollow State Park, Union. Initial reports stated a female was trapped inside the vehicle while three other individuals were walking around within the park; fire, EMS and dive units were already en route. Officers Danielson, Bouthillier, Johnston, and Sgt. Dwyer responded to the scene, where they later determined a small passenger vehicle with two ma les and two females had entered the park after sunset during a snow squall, and upon leaving had driven onto the ice of Bigelow Pond at the boat launch, where the vehicle broke through and sank to the pond bottom. Two males aged 19 and 21, and a 19 year old female, escaped the vehicle and had attempted to rescue the fourth occupant. These three were transported to Hartford Hospital for hypothermia treatment and evaluation. The 18 year old female rear seat occupant was retrieved by Tolland County Dive Team members and transported to Rockville Hospital where she was pronounced deceased later that evening. All parties involved were from Southbridge, Massachusetts.
    Officers Blackwell, Kiely, O’Brien and Sgt. Stanko responded to the two hospitals to interview survivors. The vehicle was recovered and secured as evidence at State Police Troop C, Tolland. Eastern District officers conducted several more interviews, further forensic examinations, and retrieved evidence from the
    vehicle over subsequent days. EnCon Police continue as the lead investigating agency.

    ATV Accident
    On January 2, 2016, Officers Vroman, Tefft and Wojcik responded to the Wyassup Lake Road area of Pachaug State Forest, North Stonington, for a reported dirt bike accident with injuries. Upon arriva l, EMS was transporting one 25 year old male with a probable fractured femur. Two other males in their twenties admitted to officers they were riding with the victim on local roads and in the state forest when the injured male lost control of his bike and struck a tree. Further investigation discovered two other males in their thirties who had been with the group but left the area; they also admitted to operating in the forest and on public roads. All parties were cited for illegal operation of unregistered all- terrain vehicles.
    On January 2nd and 3rd, Northeast sector officers worked complaints of ATVs in the Sterling section of Pachaug State Forest. Four citations were issued for trespassing and unregistered ATV operations on state land, including two Rhode Island residents who had been cited for the similar violations the prior week.

    Hunting Safety Incident

    On January 6, 2016,EnCon Police dispatch center received a complaint from a resident who lived on the Quinebaug River in Killingly. He stated that around 1145 hours, he heard gunshots from the Eversource property across the river in Pomfret, He then heard what he believed were shotgun pellets on his roof striking his roof and observed a white pickup truck leaving the Eversource property. The homeowner was able to get the truck’s license plate and observed three individuals in the vehicle . Officers Vroman and Tefft responded and found the vehicle owner’s two sons and a nephew had been waterfowl hunting the Eversource property that morning. Although the weapon discharge location could not be determined, Officers discovered that one of the hunters had not purchased his hunting license and duck stamp. He was cited for these violations and warned for discharging a firearm toward a dwelling. All three were issued infractions for trespass.

    Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection
    Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police
    Sergeant Keith Williams keith.williams@ct.gov

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