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    July Monthly Highlights


    On 07/04/2016 at approximately 1930 hours, Officer Kiely was dispatched to Lake Housatonic in the area of Indian Well State Park for the report of a person operating a vessel possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Housatonic Lake Authority stopped a vessel for violations of local boating regulation and suspected the operator to be under the influence. The operator of the vessel was escorted inside Indian Well State Park to conduct Field Sobriety Testing. The accused did not perform SFST’s to standard and based on observations made by Officer Kiely and Housatonic Lake Authority, the operator was placed under arrest for operating under the influence of drug or alcohol. The accused was transported to Shelton PD where they agreed to provide a breath sample. The first breath sample came back negative for alcohol. A urine sample was requested to which the accused agreed to provide. The sample was taken to the State Forensic Lab for testing pending results. The accused was charged with Operating a Vessel While Under the Influence of Drug/ Alcohol, and was processed and released on a $500.00 non-surety bond with a court date at G.A. 5 Derby Superior Court.
    On 7/12/16 Officers Fergason, O’Brien, Johnston and Sergeant Begley responded to the Echo Bay Marina on Candlewood Lake in the town of Brookfield for a 3 vessel collision in which 3 people were hospitalized. The 3 injured were released from the hospital that evening with minor injuries. The cause of that accident was determined to be a mechanical malfunction.

    On 7/12/16 Officers Fergason, O’Brien and Johnston responded to the Candlewood Isle Clubhouse marina on Candlewood Lake in the town of New Fairfield for a 2 vessel collision. No injuries occurred during this accident. The cause of the accident was determined to be mechanical malfunction, excessive speed and operator inexperience.

    On 7/23/16, Off. Mihalyak responded to a single vessel boating accident on Lake Housatonic, Shelton. A male passenger, acting as the spotter, on a jet ski had been feeding out a tow rope to a water skier. As the passenger was feeding out the tow rope, the operator asked if it was ok to go. The passenger said that it was ok to go at which time the operator accelerated the jet ski. The passenger still had his hand in the tow rope when the tow rope wrapped tightly around the fingers of the passenger. The passenger jumped off of the jet ski into the water and the tow rope released from his fingers. The operator recovered the passenger and brought him to shore for medical treatment. The passenger was bleeding and suffered serious injuries to his hands. The passenger was taken to the hospital by a family member. No enforcement action was taken.
    On 07/23/16 Officer Yescott responded to Lake Garda in Burlington for the report of a 13 year old girl who nearly drowned after falling off a kayak. The girl was unconscious in the water, was rescued, and given first aid by her 14 year old friend. The victim sustained minor spinal injury.


    On 07/03/16 several Northwest EnCon officers responded to Burr Pond State Park for the report of a possible drowning. Fellow park patrons pulled an unconscious six year old female from the water, in the swim area of the park. The girl was unconscious and unresponsive upon being pulled from the water. A good Samaritan who was picnicking nearby performed 3 chest thrusts on the young girl causing her to vomit up water. She was transported to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital for medical treatment, and was released a short time later.

    On 07/04/16 at approximately 1013 hours, Officers Hage, Mihalyak, and SCO Casey responded to the Kettletown State Park campground for the report of a male assaulting a female. Upon arriving at the scene officers spoke with several witnesses from surrounding campsites who stated they observed the male strike his wife several times. The couple had an argument while packing up their campsite which escalated until the accused physically assaulted the victim, yelling at her and hitting her three times on the arms. The victim had no visible injuries and refused several offers to provide her with medical services. The accused was arrested, processed at CSP Troop A and was charged with Assault in the third degree and Breach of Peace. The accused was released on a $1,500 cash bond, no-contact conditional release. He appeared in court the following day.

    On 07/06/16, officers responded to the swim area at Burr Pond State park, for the report of a possible drowning. It was reported that a 5 year old male had disappeared under water and was drowning. Multiple agencies responded to the incident. A thorough sweep was done of the park and the water with negative results. Officers investigated and within hours determined it was a hoax and the 911 call was false. This incident is still under Investigation.

    On 07/24/16 Officer Heath was dispatched to Nepaug State Forest for the report of an unconscious male bleeding from the head. Upon my arrival the party was already receiving medical attention from the responding ambulance. It was later discovered that the male was in the forest with a friend engaging in reckless behavior. He jumped from the bed of his friend’s speeding truck, causing his injury. The accused was issued an infraction for Disorderly Conduct.

    On 7/28/16 at approximately 1600 hours, Officer DeFelice and Sergeant Williams were dispatched to Nepaug State Forest in New Hartford for a report of a motor vehicle accident. Dispatch advised that the accident was a single vehicle roll-over with the vehicle fully engulfed in flames. Upon arrival Sergeant Williams observed a disheveled white male in his late 20’s walking out of the forest and toward Route 202 in New Hartford. The individual, later determined to be the operator of the vehicle, was the lone occupant and had driven his vehicle to the state forest with the intention of killing himself. The operator admitted to having a loaded shotgun and was about to shoot himself in the face, when he had a change of heart and agreed to meet a friend on the opposite side of the forest. The operator then drove through the forest at extremely high rates of speed, lost control as he negotiated a blind turn causing his vehicle to roll over. The operator then consumed another pint of alcohol as his vehicle began to smoke and a fire started from within his vehicle. As a result of the fire from the vehicle and the extremely high forest fire danger rating, the surrounding forest quickly ignited on fire as well. The operator then threw his loaded shotgun into the woods along the main trial where other hikers and mountain bikers frequent and walked toward Route 202. The loaded firearm was recovered on scene and the fire was extinguished without incident. The operator was cited for Reckless Driving and Reckless Endangerment in the 2nd Degree. He was released in the field and immediately transported to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital under a Police Emergency Examination Request. A further check with dispatch showed that the operator had another firearm registered to him. Both firearms were seized for safe keeping and a Search and Seizure Warrant for Firearms, Risk to Self or Others was subsequently applied for, approved and executed.


    On 6/8/16 Sergeant Williams received information from New Hartford Police regarding an individual residing in a multi-level, multi-family farmhouse in New Hartford who was in possession of an American Alligator. He was able to make contact with the homeowner who stated they had a real estate inspection done on the home recently and that the inspector observed an approximate 2 foot long alligator in a small children’s pool located in one of the bedrooms they were renting to said individual. Sergeant Williams and Officer Chickos responded to the residence with members of the CT State Police Troop B and New Hartford PD. The owner of said alligator was not at his residence. Two other tenants of the residence came forward and stated there was an alligator there. Sergeant Williams made phone contact with the individual who denied any allegations to owning an alligator and refused to return to the residence. He also had three outstanding warrants for his arrest, two in CT and one in Florida. Plain view observation through one of the bedroom windows from the front porch showed two small children’s pools with water circulating in them. A search warrant was applied for and granted for the residence and conducted by EnCon Police, State Police and New Hartford PD. During the search, an approximate two foot American Alligator was observed and seized. While conducting the search, officers detected an overwhelming odor of marijuana throughout the apartment. Numerous marijuana plants, seeds, rolled joints, hash oil, e-cigarettes containing hash oil with USB adapters, packaging materials and equipment, drug paraphernalia and interior growing equipment including seed starter kits, sheets of foil, fertilizer and log books containing transactions and various species of marijuana were all within plain view throughout the apartment. All items were seized as evidence. An arrest warrant was applied for and granted for Illegal possession of an American Alligator, Illegal Possession of Marijuana (over 4 ounces), Illegal possession of marijuana w/intent to sell, Illegal possession of drug paraphernalia w/intent to sell and Illegal manufacturing of marijuana. The individual was arrested on without incident at his place of employment in Wolcott.


    On 07/15/16, Officer Yescott responded to Austin Hawes Campground in Barkhamsted for a woman who had fallen into a camp fire. The woman was transported to the hospital for medical treatment and sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns to back of her legs.

    On 07/17/16, Officers Heath and Yescott responded to the Farmington River for the report of a woman who passed out while tubing, and while unconscious struck her head. The woman was transported to hospital for medical treatment.

    Suspicious Item
    On July 18th, a DEEP maintainer working at Hammonasset Beach State Park located a suspicious item in the marsh area adjacent to the West Beach parking lot. The item, a white PVC pipe with a brass cylinder taped to it, appeared to possibly be a homemade pipe bomb. EnCon officers responded and immediately evacuated the surrounding area until the CSP Emergency Services Unit (ESU) arrived on scene to assist. The investigating troopers examined the item which turned out to be a water monitoring device placed in the marsh for data collection.
    Domestic Violence
    On July 23rd, Encon Officers investigated a complaint of a possible domestic violence incident that had occurred overnight at the Rocky Neck State Park Campground. Upon investigation officers determined that an assault had taken place to a female camper. A male suspect was taken into custody for the violation and was processed accordingly at CSP Troop E Montville. The accused was charged with Breach of Peace and Assault 3rd. He was released on a $500.00 non-surety bond and is scheduled to appear in court.
    Marine Fishing Violations
    During the Month of July, EnCon Officers wrote thirty-three infractions, twelve written warnings and issued twenty-one verbal warnings for marine fisheries violations. These violations included possession of undersized summer flounder, seabass, tautog, striped bass and blue crabs.

    East District Monthly Highlights- July 2016

    Park and Forest Enforcement
    On July 4th, Officer Ulkus was working at the entrance of Gardner Lake State Park and Boat Launch in Salem interacting with the public when he was approached by an 11 year old male who stated he was lost, no longer wanted to stay with his friend’s family, and wanted to go home to Hartford. Officer Ulkus eventually reached the child’s mother, who stated that he had to stay with the other adults. The child then became unruly, including wandering into busy passing traffic. After gaining the child’s confidence with the help of another patron, the child was evaluated by local EMS, the mother was contacted again, and the child was safely turned over to his parent.
    In the very early morning hours of July 7th, Officer Danielson, Sgt. Dwyer and Coventry Police responded to Nathan Hale State Forest in the Andover/Coventry area for a large party of over 100 people reported with alcohol and a fire. Twenty-four individuals were cited for trespassing, ground fires, and creating a public disturbance; fire department personnel put out the fires and all involved were evicted.
    Around midnight on July 20th, Officer Pettus, SCO Marvin and State Police responded to Ross Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Sterling, for a large party of people around a bonfire drinking alcohol. Over twenty people were cited for trespass violations and evicted; again, local fire departments responded to put out the fire.
    Misdemeanor Arrests
    On July 13, 2016 Officer Ulkus was patrolling Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union and found four individuals smoking marijuana in a vehicle. Upon investigation the 31 year old male driver was found to have an outstanding warrant from the Berlin Police. He was arrested, could not make bond, and was transported to Hartford Corrections for next-day arraignment.
    On July 19th, Officer Scatena-Kurtzenacker was patrolling Mansfield Hollow WMA and found a vehicle with a broken window. Upon investigation she found a 19 year old male and a 20 year old female associated to the vehicle; the female had an active protective order against the male party. Although the parties were amicable and stated the order was not in force, the order was verified as being still in effect and the male was arrested for violation of a protective order, he was processed on a next-day arraignment in Rockville Superior Court.
    On July 24th Officer Ruggiero, Middletown and State Police responded to Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown for a reported ‘large fight’ involving numerous people; upon arrival, it was determined that a 52 year old male was being loud and obnoxious to park patrons, including foul language and threatening by gesture to those who did not give up their parking places. The male was located swimming at the falls (which is prohibited), appeared intoxicated, and was placed in custody after attempting to strike a Middletown police officer. Officer Ruggiero arrested the male for breach of peace following processing by Middletown police.
    Illegal Deer Hunting Arrest
    On July 14, 2016 Officer Wojcik received a complaint of a deer found dead earlier that morning in the back yard of a home in a dense residential neighborhood in Norwich. Upon inspection, Officer Wojcik concluded that the deer had been shot in that immediate area with a small caliber weapon. He spoke with a male next door neighbor who declined any knowledge of the incident. Upon further canvassing of the neighborhood, Officer Wojcik determined that the next door neighbor was target shooting from his house and had a garden damaged by deer. Upon returning to this residence, Officer Wojcik met the same man and his 29 year old son. Upon confronting them with further evidence, the son confessed to shooting the deer the night before with an air rifle ‘to scare it’ from damaging the garden. The son gave a written statement and was arrested for illegal deer hunting and for discharging a firearm within range of occupied dwellings. He is scheduled to appear in Norwich Superior Court.
    Boating Enforcement
    Officer Vroman received a complaint of an abandoned 19’ vessel in Mashapaug Pond (Bigelow Hollow SP), Union in late June. The vessel had been found with its registrations burned and cut out, most other numbers defaced, the battery leaking and garbage debris floating at the state launch. The vessel was transported to Shenipsit HQ, where Officer Vroman found other identifying information and located the last registered owner, who said he’d sold it to a young male from Woodstock. On July 13th the 18 year old male gave a signed statement that he had bought the boat, defaced the numbers and dumped it at the boat launch. He was issued a $750 citation for littering and vessel abandonment, and was further required to properly dispose of the vessel from DEEP property.
    Various vessel and shore side boating patrols were completed through the hot weather of July, including multiple patrols of the lower Connecticut and Thames rivers, Gardner Lake, Coventry Lake, as well as a joint patrol of Beach Pond with a Rhode Island DEM officer


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