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    The NY DEC announced that NY DEC officers ticket dozens of poachers over the past few weeks. The full announcement from the DEC and list of locations as well as those involved in the incidents is attached in PDF to this article.

    New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) police officers recently concluded a blanket deer taking enforcement detail in the Capital Region and surrounding areas in conjunction with the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont, DEC announced today.

    Environmental Conservation Officers (ECO) worked in conjunction with their counterparts in neighboring states to set up saturation patrols to target illegal deer shooting with the use of an artificial light, a practice commonly known as deer jacking. Typically, deer jacking occurs in remote rural areas, throughout the night. During this operation, which took place in late October and the first three weeks of November, ECOs worked long hours and often confronted armed individuals.

    “The vast majority of hunters pursue and take game legally,” said DEC Law Enforcement Major Tim Duffy. “We work closely with the sporting community to stop individuals from illegally taking game to the detriment of wildlife populations and the legal efforts of honest hunters.”

    ECOs are out in full force this time of year patrolling, staking out, and observing the lands on which people take deer. They are in uniform and undercover; they are in vehicles and on foot; they are checking licenses and watching over deer decoys.

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