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    At the Meriden Rod & Gun Clubs Cast and Blast Sunday I met an old friend that I use to work with and we talked pheasant hunting. He told me where he went Saturday, our opening day, and it was close to here but I didn’t have a clue so I went online and looked it up. It used to be a permit area, that’s why I never bothered to check it out until yesterday. Over 1500 acres with one bad single track dirt road, I ran out of state land driving it and had to back up to a turnaround. As I made my way back down the road I saw a gate open that wasn’t before and when I looked up the road their was a state DEC truck there stocking pheasants. A plus I had my gun and vest in the truck, the minus I only had sneakers on and street clothes but I gave it a go anyway. I heard about ten shots while I was busting brush, I had something running ahead of me but I couldn’t get it to flush, that’s why you need a dog for bird hunting. I left covered in burs and found two guys coming out of the woods, they only had one bird they shot and another “someone” gave them probably that person shot over his limit.

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