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I am a new bride to a hunter, and have never cooked venison before. My husband hunts deer in central, NY near Utica. I have never even eaten venison meat before. I am a little lost on what to do. How do you prepare venison ? Any help is appriciated.

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Your Field N Water Outdoor Tips for the day are:
  • Buzzbaits used for bass fishing are similar to spinnerbaits but are designed to be fished on top. Fish them right across logjams, submerged weeds, sparse grass, etc.
  • Shorter casts are better made with shorter rods, and both are useful for fishing in rivers, streams, lakes or ponds.
  • Bass Jigs are one of the most productive baits today, especially in water clarities from slightly murky to clear, in water temperatures below the sixty degree mark and when bass are in an inactive mood and buried in deep cover.

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