Your going duck hunting over water. Problem is you don't have a means of retrieval when and if you down some ducks. So what is the best method of retrieving ducks over water without a dog or use of a boat ?

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Your Field N Water Outdoor Tips for the day are:
  • Bass Jigs are one of the most productive baits today, especially in water clarities from slightly murky to clear, in water temperatures below the sixty degree mark and when bass are in an inactive mood and buried in deep cover.
  • Dead drifting is another fly fishing technique, this is used when casting upstream and using the current to drift the fly downstream. The fly floats at the same speed as the water.
  • Another thing to remember when you're fly fishing try to remain as quiet as you can. You do not want to spook the fish and you don't want to disturb other fly fishers.

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