How To Retrieve Ducks Without A Dog

Your going #duckhunting over water. Problem is you don't have a means of retrieval when and if you down some ducks. So what is the best method of retrieving #waterfowl over water without a dog or use of a boat ?


How To Retrieve Ducks Without A Dog — 8 Comments

  1. I had the same problem once, but I ended up taking out a black inner tube…so every time i got one i would have to paddle out there and get my duck. Worked every time.

  2. Borrow a canoe and just hunt out of it. That way you can get to the downed birds and won’t have to worry about it.

  3. Use a small raft or tube that fly fishers use for long trips and chest waders, or use a kayak or Canoe.

  4. I have used a large truck inner tube and chest waders for this very purpose over the years- you will need to use some type of straps, such as the type used in boat winches to create a seat to leave your hands free for paddling or shooting. The tube can be transported flat and carried in to your spot, but you will also have to back pack a small bicycle pump to air it up once there.