Your going duck hunting over water. Problem is you don't have a means of retrieval when and if you down some ducks. So what is the best method of retrieving ducks over water without a dog or use of a boat ?

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Your Field N Water Outdoor Tips for the day are:
  • When fishing a spinnerbait for bass, use Colorado Blades in early prespawn, for pressured bass, and for sluggish bass in shallow water. They produce the most vibration making them ideal for fishing deep, in murky water, or at night. When slow rolling a spinnerbait, Colorado Blades are a must.
  • Shorter casts are better made with shorter rods, and both are useful for fishing in rivers, streams, lakes or ponds.
  • Graphite fly rods are the most versatile, as they can run the gamut of high-performance, ultra light rods to the heavy-duty saltwater fishing rods that can withstand rough surf, high winds, and enormously heavy fish.

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