Trapping Bobcats And Foxes In The Winter

Tracks in the snow will tell you where to make your sets when #trapping #bobcats and #foxes. If it is legal in your state to set #220Conibears #bodygrippingtraps on land, bobcats and #redfoxes can be taken in them. Set them in cubbies and holes in the ground where you can protect them from the snow. Large, fresh bait of skinned muskrat or whole rabbit is preferred for bobcats and works well for foxes. Add a good call lure like skunk essence and place it off the ground nearby. Keep your #Conibeartrap from freezing down by setting it on a couple of dry sticks and having your trigger on top.

Dirthole sets using a foot-hold trap can be made on the lee side of large trees, stumps, anthills or any place the snow blows off. Although these places show up as dark spots in the snow and are naturally visited by predators, charred or rotten pieces of wood or any dark object can be used to enhance the set. Unless you already have a hole or you can dig one, use a urine post or flat set. Dig a hole just large enough for your trap and bed it solid in waxed, calcium or salt-treated dry dirt. Salt mixed one part to five parts of dry sifted dirt is cheap and works very well to keep it from freezing. Use strong, tainted bait, a good call lure and plenty of red fox urine at both sets.

When the wind blows a light snow cover over sets, and enough to interfere with the trap, it can be swept off with a broom, although salt will melt light snow. When the trap covering of snow is froze and crusted by rain or sunlight, the crust has to be removed, and if needed, the trap reset. At this time re-bait and re-lure or sometimes more urine is all that is needed. There is no easy way to trap in winter. It is all hard work and experience is the best teacher.

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