Lipless Crankbaits For Cold Water Bass

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Bass Grubs are tiny lures that can catch big bass, especially smallmouth bass, but experienced bass anglers are finding they work just as well on largemouths. Grubs are essentially bare jig heads with a soft-plastic body added to the hook. They are best suited for clear water situations. They are most often used as a deep-water lure, but can be fished effectively in shallow water as well.

When your not sure where the bass are located in your lake during spring and you are searching for a bite, what’s the best lure to use? Simple, a lipless crankbaits for cold water bass.

They call these noisy lures Traps after the original bait in this gene pool, the Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap. Not a bad bait, considering these chattering, hard-throbbing artificial baits have a way of snaring unsuspecting bass.

Most bass anglers gunning for big bass never consider using a lipless crankbaits. for cold water bass.

They view common baits like plastic worms and jigs as their best lunker lures because these baits can be worked slowly through thick cover. True, worms and jigs are proven big bass catchers, but a lipless crankbait for cold water bass will catch wall-hanger bass while allowing you to fish at a much faster pace.

Bass water in the high 40s to mid-50s is lipless crankbait heaven. In warming water, the big females move out of deep water to stage prior to spawning. Now is the time to target little cuts or indentations in the bank . Big bass will stack up in these places in large numbers before scattering out to their bedding areas, but they’re so subtle, most anglers never bother to fish them. A 1/2-ounce Strike King Diamond Shad can comb large expanses of shallow water, efficiently, to score limits of keepers and lunker bass during the spring .

Use a baitcasting rod with a soft tip for lipless cranks. You’ll foul-hook a lot of big fish on these baits because they’ll roll or flash on them, especially when their metabolism is slow in cold water. A soft cranking rod is forgiving enough to enable you to land most of these bass.

When fishing a lipless crankbait in brushy or weedy areas, reduce hang ups by clipping the leading hook off both sets of trebles.

Some of the best places for fishing lipless crankbaits during pre spawn are in the upper end of the lake, where the water is often murky to down right muddy from runoff, as well as 5 to 7 degrees warmer than down lake. Fish shallow , target stump flats, mud points, gravel bars and little pockets close to deeper water, Bass will move into these skinny spots to warm themselves.

Bass are attracted to stained water in spring because it offers concealment and warms up quickly, so focus your Trap attack on the murkiest areas you can find.

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