Nautilus Fly Reels

We welcome our newest addition of fly reels, the Nautilus family. The multiple award winning dual action fly reels and drag system features twice the drag strength of most fly reels. Nautilus fly reels have twice the smoothness and half the startup inertia as the leading competitors.

The Nautilus fly reels are made-for-fish fighting, big game handle and are fully sealed using proprietary Activseal technology. Other components included in Nautilus fly reels are hybrid ceramic bearings, TPX bushings and an oversized drag knob to adjust the smoothest drag from zero to max in 6 full turns with the Infinajust system. Continue reading

Loop Fly Reels

Greetings Fly Fishing Anglers! Fly Fishing season is upon us and today is the time period to purchase a new Loop Fly Reel. Down below are Loop Fly Reel(s) that we located on the internet that could be just what you are researching for. Continue reading

The Stealth Cam Went To PA

Dad went to #Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and took the #stealthcam trail cam with him. He set it on an apple tree in gramps backyard. So many deer in some pictures they just blurred the photo’s but he got some good ones. It's not uncommon to see many #deer in peoples back yards in this particular neighborhood.

PA Game Cam Continue reading

Pheasant Hunting Connecticut 2015

Met my buddy Ken at our usual spot and he brought his grandson with him, I followed them to the gun club we were going to. We met three other guys there we use to work with, then we drove down to the co-op area, we had seven hunters and two dogs. Wind was blowing pretty good so when the birds got up it was like they had afterburners, man they were moving. We took turns with the dogs and the shooters, a winged rooster managed to avoid the dogs and us for over ten minutes, someone should have had a camera. After an hour and a half we were limited out with 14 birds, 9 roosters and 5 hens.

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