flip flop popper

I thought I’d done this before … but I can’t find it.  Since there was a recent thread about “getting into making poppers”, I figured this cheap way of making them could be useful, to other cheap bass-turds like myself.

I use popper hooks – but you could use straight shanks, since the thread will make a glue base anyway.

Start thread, wrap back and tie in tail material.

2 add tail.JPG


Tie in leg material of choice … I am using rubber legs for this one.

3 add legs.JPG


After punching out a body from flip flops, you’ll need to measure it, cut it and “skewer” it.  If you push hard when punching the body, it will “deform” and have a slight taper in it.

4 adjust body.JPG

 5 trim and skewer.JPG



Using a large sewing needle, pull leg material through the foam.  A drop of superglue, then pull into final position.

6 sew and glue legs.JPG


Apply superglue to the threads and slide the body into place.

7 apply super glue.JPG

 8 slide on body.JPG


Trim legs to your desired lengths.

9 trim legs.JPG


When the foam body gets too chewed up by attacking fish … cut it off and glue on a new body.


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