Why you need a Portable Buddy Heater

If you are serious about #icefishing and plan to be out a lot, there is one tool you must have. Without a doubt that would be a MR Heater to stay dry and warm. Of course you would need a #iceshelter such as a #iceshanty to keep the heat in. From freezing temps to sub zero temps there ain't nothing a Buddy Heater cant keep up with. There is nothing more enjoyable then fishing in a warm cozy comfortable ice shanty hours on end. The Heater is well made, enamel and should not give me any rust problems. It is light weight, about 2.5 lbs, and has a low oxygen alarm and will turn off if the stove turns over. Also, this Portable Buddy #heater includes a swivel out regulator that enables you to connect to fuel tanks without any hassle. This Propane heater has the capacity to connect directly to a 20 lb cylinder.