330 Conibear Traps

Hello trappers! #Trapping months is upon us and now is the time period to stock up on your #trappingsupplies. With fur prices somewhat on the rise in North America, it’s no question more and more sportsmen are resorting to trapping as a source of supplement income. Trapping for fur has long been a tradition in the United States and Canada for hundreds of years. But with that said it has been turning out to be more and more difficult for the trapper to find places to trap, as the landscape of North America is being swept away by growth. Not to mention that more and more land is being posted every day. One of the challenges trappers must climb over is the ever modifying state laws on trapping. States like Massachusetts for instance have basically banned trapping for fur or have made it challenging to trap. Nevertheless, we here at Field-N-water are convinced in fur harvest and as a result we bring you the 330 Conibear that we find are suitable for use in trapping animals.