The Vexilar FL-8 Is A Game Changer

Vexilar FL 8Its no secret we love to ice fish. What you don't know is that we would never be out on the ice without my Vexilar flasher. It is a must have tool for any serious ice fishing angler. Whats super cool with the Vexilar FL 8 is you don't even have to drill a hole to see how deep a spot is, all you have to do is clear away the snow from the ice, pour some water on the spot and put your transducer down. We love how you can see how deep the water is before drilling any holes.You can actively see fish move as well as your bait while jigging. Fish and bait are represented by lines on the display. It will make you fish longer when you know there are fish down below. The Vexilar also is equipped with a gain control, which makes the display more or less sensitive to bait and fish. There are also many different depth settings to satisfy everything from small shallow lakes to deep lakes. Another helpful feature is the interference button. This button, when pushed, eliminates electronic interference from other fish finders. It's pretty fun watching a fish approach and go from green to orange to red while changing depth on the way in to check your jig or bait. After fishing with one of these we can't imagine going ice fishing without one. This makes ice fishing a lot more exciting! Sure you can ice fish with out one but it is like trying to throw darts at balloons with your eyes closed.

The Best Features We Found With The Vexilar FL 8

  • Dave Genz Blue Box with FL-8SE Flasher, 12-volt 7-amp hour battery with charger, built-in Ice-Ducer transducer, and instructional video
  • FL-8SE features Vexilar's popular three-color sonar flasher targets in green (weak), orange (medium), and red (strong)
  • FL-8SE offers six depth ranges of: 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, and 120 feet
  • Base fits a five gallon bucket; easy-access semi-enclosed battery compartment
  • FL-8SE carries a two-year warranty; one-year battery warranty

If you are in the market to buy a Vexilar Sonar Flasher the ones listed below are the best deals we could find at the moment. Check em out if you have time.

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