Fly Fishing Using a Spinning Rod

Fly Fishing with a Spinning Rod

Smallmouth bass caught while Fly Fishing with a Spinning Rod in 2006

Is fly fishing using a spinning rod a hoax? Why would anyone fish with flies while using a spinning rod? Isn't that what fly rods and fly reels are for?  Is it cheating for one to use a spinning rod and reel combo to fish with flies?  Don’t traditional fly fishing anglers despise people who go against the tradition of using a real fly rod and fly reel? If you think about it fly fishing using a spinning rod, is kind of stupid and defeats the purpose of real fly fishing.

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Lipless Crankbaits For Cold Water Bass

Your Bass Fishing Tip Of The Day Is

A Bass Jig is a heavy, lead-headed bait with a single hook. An attracting skirt or trailer is added to the hook. A pork or plastic trailer is often added to these baits.

When your not sure where the bass are located in your lake during spring and you are searching for a bite, what’s the best lure to use? Simple, a lipless crankbaits for cold water bass.

They call these noisy lures Traps after the original bait in this gene pool, the Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap. Not a bad bait, considering these chattering, hard-throbbing artificial baits have a way of snaring unsuspecting bass. Continue reading

Eskimo Power Ice Augers

The ice anglers of the Field-N-Water take ice fishing seriously and believe in giving the ice angler the best deal on Eskimo 10-inch Power Ice Auger. So search no further. Because you will come across that we list Eskimo 10-inch Power Ice Auger on the Field-N-Water. Now in a flash on our ice fishing network you can uncover a Eskimo 10-inch Power Ice Auger with one click of the mouse. We make it that clear-cut.

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