Beekeeping Beginnings in Central New York

In the heart of Central New York, amidst rolling hills, overgrown pastures and meadows, a newcomer to the world of beekeeping will embark on a buzzing adventure in 2024. As an aspiring apiarist, armed with enthusiasm I am determine to crack the code. With no prior experience, I will dive headfirst into this honey-drenched journey with excitement. Only to be slightly dampened by the bewildering array of beekeeping information found on the web.

My chosen  mentor through this bee-filled odyssey will be none other than a local family member. A seasoned beekeeper with their tales of swarming bees and years of honey harvests. I intend to follow them through the their apiary. During my first year of beekeeping.

Undeterred by the occasional bee-related mishap I hear from others. I will  eagerly immerses myself into the world of beekeeping in 2024. The beekeeping books I have chose to read along with the beekeeping videos I have watched. Has become a virtual hive of knowledge. But having a local beekeeping mentor who has been at it for years. Will be the icing on the cake.

One of my beekeeping books that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to start on this journey.

Spring will soon unfold in Central NY, as will my beekeeping saga. With each frame inspection, I will gain confidence. I will transform from a novice beekeeper to someone who can confidently discern a worker bee from a drone. The highlight of my day will be watching the bees return home. Laden with pollen, like tiny superheroes returning from a mission.

Amidst the pollen-filled air and honey-scented dreams, I realize that my journey isn’t just going to be about honey production. It will be a humorous dance with nature, a connection to the land, and a newfound appreciation for the vital role of honey bees in the delicate balance of life. And so, armed with a smoker, a bee suit, and an ever-growing arsenal of beekeeping notes, I will stride confidently into my inaugural season as a beekeeper. Ready to create a buzz in Central New York.